UKCA marking by AFNOR UK

Certigaz, the only notified body in France for Gas Appliances, continues its influence in France and internationally by deploying the UKCA marking for the British market (UKCA: UK Conformity Assessed). Certigaz offers with its partner Afnor UK (organism n°8510) a simple solution for the UKCA marking for gas appliances intended to be for the market in Great Britain. For any questions, please contact

The UK government made an announcement on November 14th 2021 regarding the deadline for when businesses need to start using the UKCA marking. The announcement was that the deadline for UKCA has been extended until December 31st 2024, this will supersede the last deadline which was December 31st  2022.

In its latest announcement dated January 24th, 2024, the British government plans to legislate in spring 2024 to indefinitely extend the recognition of EU requirements, including CE marking. Manufacturers therefore have the option of using the UKCA or CE marking to sell their products in Great Britain. The government is also introducing a new rapid process for manufacturers meeting EU requirements and, where applicable, recognized by an EU-recognized notified body.

How CERTIGAZ can support its clients within this scheme

  1. Where we have issued a CE assessment procedure prior to December 31st 2024, then you can use this certificate / approval / report as a basis for UKCA marking on a self-declaration basis. This can continue until the assessment expires or until December 31st 2027, whichever is soonest.
  2. In the meantime we can issue you a full UKCA certificate of conformity / approval / report if you wish, the benefit of this option is to reduce risk to you as a client regarding the import of your products into the UK Market.

We can continue to issue your CE marking certificate of conformity / approval / report, which allow you to sell your products in the UK using your CE Marking assessment until December 31st 2024. And then after you, as a client, can add the UKCA mark to your product as above. When the product changes, or your current CE marking certificate expires then AFNOR UK can support you with full UKCA certification.

Contacting us

If you have any questions or concerns or need further support please contact ;
Please find further details on UK Government guidance on using the UKCA marking: Using the UKCA marking – GOV.UK (

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