Certigaz marking

For many years, CERTIGAZ has been certifying a multitude of equipment for the gas chain, from distribution to gas uses. The certifications of the NF and ATG marks, implemented by CERTIGAZ, are now unanimously recognized by the gas profession.

At a time of globalization, new markets open up for manufacturers. The requirements that apply to products are generally close to the needs of the French market, but they can be supplemented by new specifications or variants. To meet the needs of manufacturers, CERTIGAZ has created a marking to meet their expectations: the CERTIGAZ marking.

Products concerned by the CERTIGAZ marking:

The CERTIGAZ marking is applicable to equipment that is intended to be marketed outside the French market (these products are different from the equipment used on French installations).
The CERTIGAZ marking certifies:

  • valves
  • grid regulators
  • butane/propane regulators
  • butane/propane inverters
  • LPG accessories
  • metal hoses
  • rubber hoses

The marking is applicable to products derived from products already certified by CERTIGAZ, new products and specific customer specifications.

To discover the CERTIGAZ marking, we invite you to download the information sheet, as well as the Certification Rules available below.

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