Since 2003, CERTIGAZ, a company owned equally by France Gaz (formerly Association Française du Gaz) and AFNOR Certification, has been the contact for the certification of gas equipment and appliances with nearly 1,600 active certificates. 

CERTIGAZ is the only body notified by the French State to carry out the tasks of assessing the conformity of CE marking according to Regulation (EU) 2016/426 Gas Appliances and according to Directive 92/42/EEC Boiler Efficiency. CERTIGAZ has been notified for the Gas Appliances Regulation since 2017, and for the Boiler Efficiency Directive since 2016.

In 2022, CERTIGAZ created a partnership with AFNOR UK for UKCA marking. 

CERTIGAZ manages five NF marks and four ATG marks in the gas sector through respective mandates from AFNOR Certification and France Gaz. 

CERTIGAZ had its authorization renewed in 2022 for the NF and ATG marks by the Ministry as part of the amended Order of February 23, 2018. The ATG MH mark is outside the scope of authorization.

CERTIGAZ, through its history linked to the Association Technique du Gaz founded in 1874, which became Association Française du Gaz in 2001 then France gaz in 2023, benefits from more than 50 years of experience in the certification of gas appliances and equipment. An active member of the Gas Standardization Bureau and the various European standardization and certification bodies, CERTIGAZ runs a vast network of laboratories, auditors and partners to guarantee quality services.

CE marking

The CE marking certifies the conformity of gas appliances for domestic or professional appliances (cooking, heating, hot water production, refrigeration, lighting, washing; as well as safety, control and adjustment devices, and their subsystems). -constituent assemblies intended to be incorporated into a device or to be assembled to constitute a device). In addition, CERTIGAZ certifies compliance with the boiler efficiency directive.

A partnership was established with AFNOR UK in 2022 to offer the UKCA marking, in addition to the CE marking, to our manufacturers.

NF marks

CERTIGAZ is mandated by Afnor Certification for five NF marks with the aim of preserving the level of excellence of certified products, used on networks and for indoor installations, in compliance with national regulations.

CERTIGAZ manages 5 NF brands:

  • tubes, flexible pipes and accessories for LPG installations: NF GAS,
  • gas pressure regulators: NF REG-GAZ,
  • gas taps and flat joints: NF ROB-GAZ,
  • accessories for polyethylene network: NF APE.
  • fittings, connection sets and kits, elastomeric materials and materials for seals, and membranes for gas installations: NF RAC-GAZ.
ATG Marks
CERTIGAZ manages 4 ATG marks :
  • ATG Brasures (filler metal and flux),
  • ATG Sertissage (connections on copper tube),
  • ATG PLT (PLT kits, corrugated metal tubes associated with short fittings and flexibles, metal tubes intended for other uses),
  • ATG MH (gas installations in mobile homes), the only “voluntary” brand.

Audits and inspections

To ensure quality service, CERTIGAZ regularly trains and qualifies new auditors and inspectors. CERTIGAZ also provides coordinated ISO 9001/ISO 14001 product and management system certification audits in partnership with Afnor Certification.

Certigaz marking

Since 2015, this marking has been dedicated to gas equipment (currently network regulators and taps) for export markets.


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