ATG marks

The ATG mark is proof of compliance with product regulatory requirements for gas installations. It is also widely recognized and recommended by major buyers of these products (network operators, GSG/GSB, wholesalers, etc.).

CERTIGAZ manages the ATG mark on behalf of France Gaz (formerly AFG: Association Française du Gaz).


ATG Bras applies to filler alloys and fluxes intended for capillary brazing and soldering for steel or copper gas pipes specified in ATG B.521 and B.524.


ATG-PLT applies to two kind of products:

PLT: Stainless steel foldable corrugated pipe kits for gas in buildings with a working pressure less than or equal to 0.5 bar or 2 bar according to DN.
These “PLT”, Pliable Linear Tube kits comply with XP E 29-826 for 0.5 or 2 bar (or AFG CCH2007-01 specifications for 0.5 bar until December 31st 2022).

FC: short flexible pipes for connections of gas distribution structures by pipeline, in accordance with the AFG CCH 2006-01 specification.

Short flexibles are classified into 3 families that correspond to the type of use:

  • Penetration hoses (FCP)
  • Meter hoses (FCC)
  • Regulator hoses (FCD)


ATG Sert applies to copper crimp fittings that can be used on gas installations in residential, livestock and greenhouse buildings, with a maximum pressure of 400 mbar in GN network or 1.75 bar for LPG. These fittings comply with the AFG CCH 2004-02 specification.

By extension, the mark also applies to agricultural buildings and ERPs (Establishments Receiving the Public).


ATG MH applies to mobile home LPG gas installations manufactured by a professional builder manufacturing mobile home gas installations and to LPG supply kits marketed separately by professional manufacturers to builders for the purpose of equipping mobile homes. The certificate is issued on the basis of standard NF EN 1949.

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For any information, Certigaz’s ATG team is at your disposal:

Certification System Manager for all ATG marks: Christian Lorinet
You can contact the following email address: or by phone: 01 80 21 07 50

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