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> System & Product Coordinated Certification audits

The Coordinated System & Products Certification is a joint offer of AFNOR Certification and Certigaz that includes management system certification under the AFAQ brand (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) and product/equipment/appliance/component certification, according to a reference system managed by Certigaz (NF Mark, CE Marking, ATG Mark).

This offer allows manufacturers who wish to benefit from a more personalized service, thanks to:

  • a synergy in the programming and conduct of coordinated audits,
  • a reduction in the time and time required to mobilize the company’s staff.

> Audits and Inspections

Certigaz carries out most of the audits and inspections of the certification systems it manages, in addition to subcontracting audits or expertise for other certification bodies, as well as laboratory audits.

Activities within the French regulatory framework

The French Public Authorities have established rules for the implementation of equipment in gas installations through the amended decree of 23rd February 2018 on the technical and safety rules applicable to fuel gas installations in individual or collective residential buildings, including common areas (available on

The CNPG (National Centre of Expertise for Gas Energy Professionals) has developed in addition application guides, including the AMG guide “Gas Appliances and Materials”, approved by ministerial decisions, as a means of proof of compliance with the requirements of this amended decree of February 23rd 2018 (available on

CERTIGAZ is the organization authorized by the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition (Decree of October 10th 2019) for the evaluations and monitoring of the performance of gas equipment provided for in Article 6 of the amended Decree of February 23rd 2018. In the AMG guide “Gas appliances and equipment”, which lists the texts that appliances and equipment must comply with in order to be used in fuel gas installations in individual or collective residential buildings, including common areas, since January 1st 2020, the NF and ATG marks managed by CERTIGAZ are recognized as proof of their compliance with the regulations. Certification rules (available on our website are regularly revised to take account of the above-mentioned normative and regulatory developments.

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