CE marking

A true passport to Europe, the CE marking allows the free movement of products within the different countries of the European Union.
CERTIGAZ is one of the notified bodies (n°1312) authorized to carry out the conformity assessment of appliances burning gaseous fuels with Regulation (EU) 2016/426 which replaces Directive 2009/142/EC.
Hot-water boilers fired with liquid or gaseous fuels, with a rated output of 4 kW or more and 400 kW or less are also covered by the Boiler Efficiency Directive 92/42/EEC.
The CE marking, according to Regulation (EU) 2016/426, guarantees the safety and rational use of energy of gas appliances.
It applies to gas appliances:

  • for domestic and professional cooking (gas stoves, plancha, barbecue …),
  • for heating, (boilers, radiators, tubes/radiant panels, hot air generators …),
  • for the production of hot water (storage tanks, water heater),
  • for refrigeration (refrigerators, air conditioning),
  • for lighting (camping lamp),
  • for washing and drying (industrial uses)

Certification requirements

> Contacting us

For any information, Certigaz’s CE team is at your disposal:

Certification System Manager: Sylvain MAUGER
You can contact the following email address: sylvain.mauger@certigaz.fr or by phone:+33 (0)1 80 21 07 93  / +33 (0)6 17 77 74 20

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